Vijay Sekhon

Head of IxD Department

A graduate of the ITP programme of New York University and MS University, Vijay has substantial experience as a writer, filmmaker and painter.

Irena Romendik

Adjunct faculty

Irena is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist. She moved to the US from Kiev, Ukraine where she studied Painting at Shevchenko School. 

Bhargav Padhiyar

Full-time Faculty

Bhargav is a new media practitioner based in Ahmedabad. He believes, we are all interpreting, experiencing and attempting to make sense of the world through stories that we create, (choose to) preserve and share through various mediums! 

Prayas Abhinav

Full-Time Faculty

Prayas Abhinav is a writer, teacher and entrepreneur. He has been professionally active for the last 15+ years. He has worked in the last few years on numerous pieces of speculative fiction, software, games, interactive installations, public interventions and curatorial projects.

Subir Das

Visiting Faculty

An expert on Human Factors and Ergonomics with more than 25 years teaching experience.

Jayesh Gohel

Visiting Faculty

A web developer based in Ahmedabad.