Interaction Design Department specialises in design education tailored to the contemporary world as well as explores future possibilities of current as well as not yet existent technologies. Our courses cross-sect multiple areas: Human-Centered Design Thinking, User Research, User Experience Design, Human-Machine Interaction, User Interfaces Design, User Experience Management, Accessibility, XR (VR, AR, MR) Interactions, Information Visualisation, Gestalt Psychology, Creativity Methodologies, and many others to create innovative products and services. 

We use technologies at large to develop dialogic capabilities in students to construct an entire spectrum of transformative User Experiences. During the course of studies, our students create extensive portfolios to show off their applied knowledge and achievements, acquire practical opportunities, professionally present their own innovative ideas, and shine!

The IxD department wants to take the notion of interaction design beyond digital screens and devices. The word ‘interaction’ is a game-changer. Interacting with people requires many skills — knowing what they want, when they want it etc. can change scenarios entirely.

The future belongs to the individual who can effectively predict the scenarios that will occur and understand why they happen. This prediction can happen by decoding trends when they are adopted by culture. This act of decoding is not an easy task and is not a method that can be taught. Instead it is learnt by observation and acts of cultural synthesis. Below are the logos of some companies which have hired from Anant National University’s Interaction Design (IXD) department recently.